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It’s no secret that our chauffeur hire company is mad about Mercedes. But we’re not the only ones, in fact Mercedes Benz has become known as the chauffeur driven car of choice among the best in the industry. We often find that our Weybridge clients begin to share our enthusiasm for the German giant after just the first time using our chauffeur service. On this page we thought it’d be interesting to delve into the history of the company, and explain why we choose to use them.

A Brief History of Mercedes Benz


Long-before it became known as the Weybridge and wider UK chauffeur hire industry’s go-to vehicle, innovator Karl Benz created the first ever petrol powered car, the Benz Patent Motorwagen. While the patent was secured in 1886, it took until 1901 for the vehicle to be made and marketed by Daimgler-Motoren-Gessellschaft (DMG). The name of the model came from Emil Jellinek, the Austrian auto entrepreneur, whose daughter was called Mercedes. Following the merger of DMG and Benz’s companies in 1926, the first Mercedes Benz vehicles began to roll out. They quickly became a top choice chauffeur car among the wealthy due to their fantastic build quality and attractive aesthetic.


Over the years, Mercedes has invented many safety features that eventually became ubiquitous in other manufacturers’ vehicles you’ll spot around Weybridge. These include Antilock Brakes (ABS) and Attention Assist. The company even invented the crash testing program and passenger safety development program. In short, they’re an innovator, and this goes someway to explaining their popularity in the chauffeur service industry.

Why a Mercedes Chauffeur Driven Car?


The iconic Mercedes three-pointed star is meant to symbolise a number of values, including performance and quality. While some cynical characters about Weybridge might shrug this off as marketing hogwash, we can honestly attest to it being truth – the company’s dedication to quality is known the world-over. It’s earned countless awards and always places highly in polls on consumer perception. But beyond all this, they just keep making great vehicles!


The S-Class, E-Class and MPV are the types of chauffeur car we offer Weybridge clients. Each has plenty of leg-room, comfortable interior and sleek, stylish exterior. This makes them ideally situated to corporate chauffeur hire, where professionalism, form and function are utterly crucial.

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