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One of the many reasons our Walton on Thames corporate clients choose to invest in our top class chauffeur service, is to meet international business partners or co-workers at the airport. There are a number of reasons why hiring a chauffeur driven car for this purpose is a fantastic idea, and on this page, we’ve looked to jot a few of them down.


Remember, if you ever need a chauffeur car in or around the Walton on Thames area, give HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd a call. We have a stellar reputation in the area for the quality of service our experienced drivers provide, as well as the beautiful Mercedes vehicles they drive.

Chauffeur Hire for Airport Meet and Greets


Few people love traveling for work. Airports are stressful places to be even when you’re off abroad on holiday, let alone away on business! Even those who are used to the experience rarely jump for joy at the thought of a tiresome journey in close quarters with strangers. When they finally arrive, why subject them to more of the same with public transport or a long wait for a public cab? Ensure they have a sleek and stylish Mercedes chauffeur car waiting to whisk them away to Walton on Thames or wherever else they’re heading. It’ll leave a lasting, positive impression.


Not only will a chauffeur driven car be far more comfortable to ride in, with plenty of space to stretch out in (a stark contrast from cramped airplane seats), but the journey will be nice and smooth – our drivers are some of the best in the chauffeur hire business. This will give your guests a great opportunity to unwind from the flight, catch up on emails or calls, or even get a quick nap in. If they do choose to get on with some work, the privacy that our Walton on Thames chauffeur service offers means they don’t need to worry about those around them hearing potentially confidential information.

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