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Ever wondered about what it takes to become a driver for a reputable chauffeur service, like HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd near Ottershaw? On his page, we’ve looked to explore what we and other top-end chauffeur hire companies around the UK look for in a driver. If you’re more interested in chartering a Mercedes chauffeur car for a journey to or from the Ottershaw area, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 01932 245 400.

What Does it Take to Become a Chauffeur?


Before you start exploring chauffeur hire career opportunities, you’re going to need a full driving licence and several years of experience behind the wheel. Many a chauffeur service in Ottershaw and the wider UK will request that you complete additional driving training, with a body like the Institute of Advanced Motorists. There’s also companies that look to bring on drivers with extra language skills, to cater to clients from China, Russia or another major market who want a chauffeur driven car and a driver who they can communicate with. So if you are fluent in a second language, be sure to mention it!


The skills that we look out for when processing applications from Ottershaw and Surrey residents interested in a chauffeur service career, include:


  • High level driving skills
  • Friendly and personable demeanour
  • Spot on timekeeping
  • Rudimentary understanding of car maintenance
  • Knowledge of Ottershaw and all surrounding areas
  • Cool and calm under pressure


If you tick all these boxes, then piloting a Mercedes chauffeur driven car on behalf of HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd might be the career for you!

Why Become a Chauffeur?


You will be responsible for getting your client where they need to be, on time and in style. There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes with completing this task, and our clients are grateful when they receive a high standard of customer service throughout their chauffeur hire experience. You’ll also be driving a Mercedes chauffeur car, beautiful, sleek and comfortable vehicles that are the envy of many an Ottershaw motorist!


While providing quality customer service is rewarding, most drivers within a chauffeur service take the role because they love driving and want to make their living doing it. If you have a passion for driving executive vehicles and love nothing more than being behind the wheel, joining the chauffeur hire industry is a no brainer. You’ll do all the following in a day’s work:


  • Collect and drive clients to their destination
  • Provide assistance with loading and unloading luggage
  • Offer expert information on the journey and geographical areas (Ottershaw / Surrey)
  • Ensure your vehicle is clean and maintained between jobs


By hiring the best of the best, who can go above and beyond in all these elements essential to a quality chauffeur service, we’ve established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with within the Ottershaw, Surrey and wider South East area chauffeur hire service. Our clients recognise our drivers’ commitment to quality, and business is booming as a result.

Looking to find out why our drivers are known as the best in the business first hand? Call HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd, the Ottershaw area’s premier Mercedes chauffeur hire service, today!