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First time hiring a chauffeur driven car? There are many chauffeur hire companies operating around Hersham and the wider UK, and each hopes you’ll bring your custom to them. HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd is a specialised Mercedes chauffeur. We only drive executive vehicles made by this reputable German manufacturer, which creates stunning works of art that are just as functional as they are stylish, ideal for use as a chauffeur car.  On this page, we’ve looked to run through a few things that you want to look for when picking out a chauffeur service, and how we ourselves can deliver in each category.

What to Look for in a Chauffeur Service


Customer Service – This separates the best chauffeur hire firms from the rest of the pack. Part of the reason a Hersham resident chooses a chauffeur car over a run of the mill taxi cab, or alternative means of transportation, is that they want a tailored service and to be properly looked after. When you choose HCL to provide you with a chauffeur driven car, we’ll listen closely to your requirements, and provide you a bespoke chauffeur service that gets you where you need to be on time, and in style. Not every chauffeur service offers the same commitment to customer service. Choose one with a fantastic track record and reputation around Hersham, like HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd, and you can rest assured you’ll have the best experience possible.


Coverage – Obviously, area of coverage is very important when booking chauffeur hire. You need a chauffeur car that can go the distance! We don’t just serve clients in and around Hersham, but travel all throughout Surrey and surrounding areas. So if you need to get from Hersham to a major London airport, or to the other end of Surrey entirely, our chauffeur service has you covered.


Fleet – Just because you’re hiring a chauffeur driven car, doesn’t mean a clean, well-maintained executive vehicle is going to show up on the day. This is why some companies, like HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd near Hersham, make a big deal about the fleets they use. We are a dedicated Mercedes chauffeur. We will only ever provide a Mercedes chauffeur driven car to our clients, as they are sleek, stylish and reliable. We have a range of Mercedes chauffeur vehicles to choose from, including the E-Class, S-Class and MPV models.


Licence & Training – It might seem like we’re stating the obvious, but you want to choose a chauffeur service that utilises licenced, experienced drivers. While we like to think that the chauffeur hire industry has certain standards that all companies aim to meet, you can never be too careful when you’re getting in a chauffeur car. Ensure that the company you select isn’t trying to cut costs by using unqualified drivers. HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd only uses the best of the best – licenced, experienced, courteous and helpful drivers, who’ll show you exactly why we’re so well regarded in and around Hersham.


Price – You might be under the impression that travelling via Mercedes chauffeur driven car is expensive. But you’ll likely be surprised at just how affordable our chauffeur service is. Contact us today for a quote, which we guarantee will be highly competitive next to other chauffeur car providers in the Hersham area.

Make sure that your first experience of chauffeur hire is an excellent one, choose HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd for travel to and from Hersham. Call 01932 245 400 today!