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Corporate Chauffeur Service for Chertsey, Weybridge & Surrey

HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd specialises in corporate chauffeur hire for professionals in Chertsey, Cobham, Walton on Thames, Weybridge and wider Surrey. We’ve built many long-lasting relationships with companies and individuals who recognise us as the best chauffeur service the county has to offer, and who call us whenever they require a chauffeur driven car for whatever reason.


It’s our aim to take all the hassle out of travel, ensuring you get where you need to be on time, in a comfortable and luxurious Mercedes Benz chauffeur car. Our highly professional drivers will look after you, providing an ultra-high standard of customer service at every juncture. Choose from a Mercedes E-Class, S-Class or MPV, if you’re travelling in a slightly larger group.

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The Benefits of Travelling via Chauffeur Driven Car



One of the most appealing benefits of travelling via our chauffeur service is its reliability. You won’t have to worry about the cab you’ve booked not showing up, or public transport running late as it so often does. We’ll pick you up at the time you’ve specified, and be waiting to take you on the return journey should you need us to. Turning up late to a meeting, conference or pitch could damage your reputation and in extreme cases, cost you a significant sum in lost business. Don’t take chances; choose HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd for ultra-reliable luxury travel to your chosen destination.



Our fleet is comprised solely of luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles. They’re chosen not just for their attractive looks and amazing build quality, but their luxuriously comfortable interiors. When you travel in a Mercedes chauffeur car, you’ll be entirely at ease and in complete and utter comfort. All our vehicles are meticulously maintained to ensure they remain a smooth drive, and spotlessly clean inside. To read more about the fleet available to our clients in and around Chertsey, Cobham, Walton on Thames, Weybridge and wider Surrey, visit our Chauffeur Hire page right away.



First impressions matter in business, and can often make or break a deal, sale or potential partnership. When you travel via our private chauffeur service, you make a statement – I take myself and my work seriously. Mercedes vehicles are professionalism epitomised. If you need to pick prospective business partners or co-workers up, our chauffeur will be able to accommodate you. Dressed in uniforms and with an unparalleled knowledge of the Chertsey, Cobham, Walton on Thames, Weybridge and wider Surrey areas, they’ll ensure your experience with HCL is a wonderful one.



When travelling to or from corporate functions, it’s often important to converse with colleagues about sensitive, confidential company matters, whether on the phone or in person. Choosing a trustworthy, reputable chauffeur service ensures you can talk freely without fear of an unwelcome person eavesdropping, which certainly could occur on public transport. We respect our clients’ privacy and stick to our job of getting you from A to B, confidentiality being a really important aspect of what we do.

Looking to book a chauffeur driven car in or around Chertsey, Cobham, Walton on Thames or Weybridge? Call HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd on 01932 245 400.