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The majority of our Cobham clients come from a corporate background, and use our chauffeur service for corporate applications. For example, hiring a HCL chauffeur car to get to a business meeting or to the airport, travelling on from there to attend an international conference. There are many reasons why said clients choose chauffeur hire over alternative means of travel, like a taxi, train or bus. On this page, we’ve gone through just a few reasons we’d recommend corporate clients choose a chauffeur driven car the next time they need to get from A to B during the working day!

The Advantages of Chauffeur Hire for Corporate Events in Cobham



When you choose to hire a chauffeur driven car you won’t have to wait around hoping that your vehicle turns up even vaguely on time, as you might with public transport or a pre-booked taxi. This ensures that you get to and from where you need to on schedule. In the corporate world, being late can be utterly disastrous. Missing a flight could mean you miss an important conference, or turning up at a Cobham venue late for a meeting could cost you a deal! Chauffeur hire ensures you’re on time, every time.



Arriving via a Mercedes Benz chauffeur car oozes professionalism and is a fantastic way to impress the higher ups, potential clients or business partners. After all, our vehicles are sleek and stylish, far more so than a black cab! Our drivers are well-dressed in full uniform, and have an exceptionally professional attitude to their work. They’ll help you with any luggage you might have. To put it simply, people know you mean business when you get around Cobham and surrounding areas in a chauffeur driven car!



We have a reputation to uphold, as the Cobham area’s premier chauffeur service provider, and as such only hire the best drivers around. Our drivers have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Cobham and the wider Surrey area, and can provide logistical advice on getting around the area you’re travelling to. They’ll also avoid any potential problematic areas (high traffic etc), to ensure that your journey isn’t delayed.

Easy and Relaxing – When you choose to travel via chauffeur hire, you can sit back and relax knowing you’re in good hands. It’s our job to get you quickly and safely to your destination, and take a load off your mind. This frees you up to prepare for your meeting, conference or presentation, or to catch up on some work, take a phone call, or even get a quick nap in! How you choose to spend the journey is down to you; the main thing is you don’t have to be concerned about it. You’re in great hands with the Cobham area’s finest chauffeur driven car hire service – HCL Chauffeurs UK Ltd.

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